One-Click Deployment

“One–Click” deployment options reduce the need to go on location to complete installations. The Print Tracker Admin software is used to pre-configure Print Tracker registrations, create deployment emails and send them to customers for direct software download.

When a customer gets the email, they simply deploy Print Tracker PRO with a single click of the mouse.

  • “One–Click Deployment” set up, registration and deployment emails generated from within the Dealer’s credentialed Print Tracker Admin.
    • Deployment emails include the download link and request download initiation.
    • Notification emails can be sent when the deployment files have been downloaded.
  • “One–Click” deployment link generation for software installation.
    • Customers simply click an email link to install Print Tracker, making for fast deployment.
    • “One–Click Deployment” does not use .NET Framework, requires no on-site IT staff involvement and operates like any Print Tracker installation.
  • Print Tracker Pro automatically installs, registers, searches for and begins monitoring devices.
    • Registration and activation is done silently.
    • Print Tracker automatically sends meters to the dealership with no end user assistance.
  • “One–Click” installs can be managed just like any other deployment with Print Tracker Admin.
    • Set meter schedule, set alerts, classify devices, etc.

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