Print Tracker products are designed specifically to address the dealer's needs. They are easy to use, efficient, and will save you time and money.

Reduce the cost of gathering meter reads by having software collect them automatically with Print Tracker!

What Print Tracker does for you:

  • Print Tracker automatically gathers the meters and emails them as an Excel spreadsheet attachment when scheduled
  • Print Tracker's installation program is around 4 MB in size and can be run from USB drive rather than installing it, if desired.
  • Device discovery is quick. A typical segment can be searched in just a couple of minutes.
  • Print Tracker does not rely on the email system of the end customer to send meter data. It posts the data securely to a web server, from which the data is downloaded and sent via Print Tracker email.
  • Print Tracker can monitor locally installed printers as well as network devices, including copiers and MFPs.
  • Print Tracker is unsurpassed in providing quality, timely support.

Try Print Tracker free for thirty days!

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